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Gallery | Unique Features
Some unique features of the BeeLine mower (earlier prototype)
Center-pivoting frame smooths the ride and keeps the deck on the ground - where it belongs
Another view of the center-pivoting frame
Deck is suspended entirely from the front, pivoting frame member
Quick release pulley safety covers
Pulley safety cover removed
Quick release deck mount in the connected state
Quick release deck mount in the disconnected state
Belt tensioner released in preparation for deck removal
Removing the deck belt
Hooking the belt on the integrated retainer keeps it tensioned, which prevents if from falling off of the engine pulley
Integrated deck belt retainer
Removing the pivot retainer bolt using the on-board wrench
Pivot retainer bolt removed
One caster arm swung out to the deck-removal position
Both caster arms swung out in preparation for deck removal
Deck pulled out in front of the tractor
Deck stood up in front of the mower for maintenance
Deck push arms serve as an integerated stand for service related work