The BeeLine Mower has evolved over 25 years of designing, testing, using, and improving various zero turn mowers. It utilizes a mix of solid and proven engineering principles, as well as some unique and patented ideas.

One of the patented features of this mower is a two-piece, center horizontally-pivoting frame (photo). Because the mower deck is mounted solely on the front frame section, it traces the ground surface as dictated only by the front wheels and lessens the dependence on gauge wheels. This gives a smoother cut. The pivoting motion between the front and rear frame sections is dampened by tubular automotive shock absorbers which provide a smoother ride, even over rough ground.

The BeeLine's easy-access deck is also patented. This innovation is made possible by a unique front-frame design that allows the front caster wheels to be rotated from a forward position to right and left positions (photo). 

Other integral components of this feature include a quick disconnect system on the pulley guard and the deck drive belt. The deck push arms telescope as the deck is rolled forward while remaining attached to the mower (photo). In this configuration, the mower deck can be rotated a full 90 to the maintenance position. The deck push arms now form a sturdy and safe stand to hold the deck in the maintenance position (photo).

The process of changing the mower from the mowing position to the maintenance position can be done in two minutes by one person, in the field, without the aid of tools or a jack. When maintenance is completed, it can be reinstalled just as quickly and easily. This overcomes one of the greatest shortcomings of most mid-mount mowers the difficulty of deck maintenance, including the sharpening and changing of blades.

Another unique patented feature is the variable caster wheel-width adjustment.  This allows the front wheels to be moved from a narrow configuration to a wide position in seconds. The mower can then provide the maximum performance required by the current mowing conditions, such as mowing on hillsides (photo).  

This new design has something to offer everyone. Its simplicity makes it practical for the residential market, yet it has the proven ruggedness to withstand even the most demanding of commercial conditions.
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